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Ch2 Page 04

Ch2 Page 04 published on 3 Comments on Ch2 Page 04

Double update this week, thanks for your patience!

This page was fun to paint, because there’s no dialogue – all about the art 🙂
See you next week!

EDIT: Delay with next couple of pages. Some real life stuff happening at the moment that I need to prioritise first (one being I’m moving to Japan), as well as some crunchtime that I need to do for work. Updates will return back to normal beginning of October. Thanks for your patience!

  • Cyril Sinel

    So good,can’t wait the suite

  • CJ

    man oh man the waiting is killing me! I know it’s gotta be a rocky start, but I’m nowhere near ready to jump ship yet, so invested in this comic I will be!

  • Fayin Rosgar


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