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Ch2 Page 09

Ch2 Page 09 published on 4 Comments on Ch2 Page 09

Might change the lighting in the background of this later for continuity but wanted to get the update out asap.
– Edited, and also added in Ryley’s bandages that I forgot.
My aim is to “try” update 2 pages a week inbetween my freelance schedule, since I have the rest of the chapter storyboarded. We’ll see how we go, but definitely new update next week.

Happy reading 🙂

  • YAY I’ve been thinking about this comic a lot! Glad to see it back!!

  • Yangtian Li

    looking awesome Jess!! great storytelling! <3 <3 <3

  • Never Lamb

    Just stumble upon your comic today. Like your style of drawing. Hope you post more.

  • Surreal Teacup

    Loving your comic so far! It’s very inspiring; maybe I’ll make my own webcomic one day. In particular, I love the blend of concept art style “photobashed” environments and the stylized characters. Also, the subtle addition of an environment as a background in this page is very nice.

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