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About the Webcomic

aboutsection_imageBlue Alter Ego is a psychological thriller webcomic about Ryley Black, a college student, who is trying to track down three missing children. She runs into Akito Fisher, an unknown teenage boy.

The Missing Children of Nakushima is the first book in the series, and follows the first case of Ryley and Akito.

Tries to update weekly.


The story takes place in the Kansai Prefecture of Japan, in a southern area where English is a common language. This is due to the advanced education system and diversity of foreigners, making it the most multi-cultural area of Japan. The native language for the people however is still Japanese.

About the Creator


Jessica Smith is a freelance concept artist working in the video game industry. She has done work for clients in the US, UK, Japan and Australia.
She likes anime trash and Zelda too much. Help.

You can find her portfolio here.

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Contact Email: hello.artofjess(at)