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Ryley Black

College Student
Age: 19
Birthday: 5th January
Traits:  Problem-solver, focused and acts on a whim sometimes.

Ryley Black is on Nakushima Island, tracking down three missing children.

Akito Fisher

Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Traits: ???

A boy.

Vincent Hunter

Police Inspector of Morigawa-shi
Age: 32
Birthday: 23rd March
Traits: Laid-back but passionate about his job.

Hunter is currently heading the case of the Missing Children.

Kenta Suzuki

Police Officer of Morigawa-shi|
Age: 34
Birthday: 14th November
Traits: Sarcastic, impatient and doesn’t like wasting time.

Suzuki was initially chosen to be in charge of the investigation, but was replaced with Hunter last minute, under the police chief’s orders.

Aleisha Miles

Police Officer of Morigawa-shi|
Age: 29
Birthday: 8th February
Traits: Social, bright and calculative.

Miles is working under Hunter to help solve the investigation of the missing children.

Angus Hunter
High School Student

Erika Shigihara
High School Student

Yuta Yoshida
High School Student

Koji Yoshida
High School Student

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